Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

July is the perfect time for a road trip to the desert. Next week I'm going out to Death Valley to work as a medical volunteer at the Badwater Ultramarathon. I can't wait to get out there again. I'm flying to Las Vegas, but after that it will be road tripping.

It's been hot, in the 120s. It could be 130 degrees. I love the blast of heat, rolling the windows down, no A/C, like driving through an oven. I look forward to taking some time after the race, on my way back, to take pictures and check out some of the scenery that I've never had a chance to look at closely. All the times I've been out there in the past I've been either training, racing, or crewing.

Badwater, Panamint Dunes, Devil's Cornfield, Devil's Golf Course, Artist's Drive, and many other places along the race course will be great subjects for painting.

Too hot, you think? Not for me. I titled this old painting:
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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